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Surface mounted printed circuit board
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Printed circuit board prototype service

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As designers and manufacturers of pcb layouts ourselves we understand the need for a fast and accurate prototyping service to prove the design before production. At First Choice Assembly we also understand that controlling the costs at all stages of pcb production is important, including pre production pcb prototyping.

For this reason we offer a set fee pcb prototype service for bare pcbs with no added extras as all prices quoted include pcb tooling which without changes can be used in full production, as we always step our prototype pcbs into production panels. This means any solder stencils purchased at the prototyping stage can be used in full pcb production.

Single sided Prototype pcbs : £190.00 total price

Double Sided Prototype pcbs : £260.00 total price

4 Layer Prototype pcbs : £415.00 total price

Typically we process 3 production panels and guarantee that we will supply at least the proceeds of 2 of these panels.

Other variations of materials and technology are available on our prototyping service. For the above we have assumed as standard the use of FR4 material 1.6mm thick with 1oz copper. Other variations would need to be quoted on an individual basis.

Typical delivery of prototype pcbs is made within 7 days but they can be made within 24 hours if required.

Due to the ease of the set up of our pcb assembly equipment we can also offer a prototype assembly service. We do not charge a machine set up fee in the case of surface mount assembly and if we have supplied the bare pcbs we would have also tooled the pcbs into panel sizes our machines can process.

In short we can offer built pcbs from scratch without customer involvement, taking the headaches away from your prototypes. All of this normally within 10 days(parts supply permitting)