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About First Choice Assembly - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

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At First Choice Assembly we specialise in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards for a wide range of applications. We manufacture surface mounted printed circuit boards, conventional or hybrid PCBs, all made to our client’s specification. This can be done using our own procurement of printed circuit board components or from free issue materials, either way we will offer the same attention to detail we offer to all our clients.

As PCB manufacturers, First Choice Assembly can be seen as an extension to your own PCB assembly and manufacturing facility or as a company that you use on a need basis. Either way, we assure you of a responsive approach from the quotation stage straight the way through to PCB build and despatch.
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All our printed circuit board assemblies are 100% inspected using visual inspection or AOI (automatic optical inspection). We will also work with our clients to produce, when specified, functional test equipment to check electronic functionality and electrical integrity. We will also use client supplied PCB test equipment if required.

Rather than resisting off shore PCB supply we have for many years purchased bare PCBs from Asia. With our knowledge of this supply chain we supply bare PCBs to customers that don’t want us to assemble them. The PCB can be supplied from prototype batch sizes all the way up to large volume PCB supply. Prototype batches of printed circuit boards can be supplied normally within 7 days at no extra cost.