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FCA can also supply bare printed circuit boards
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Bare PCB supply from First Choice Assembly

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As an assembler and purchaser of printed circuit boards First Choice Assembly have many Eastern contacts for bare PCB supply covering a wide variety of volumes and types.

We can supply single sided, double sided (PTH), multilayer (upto 24), metal backed PCBs, flex rigid at very competitive costs from prototype runs to large volumes all with very low tooling costs not normally associated with off shore supply.

The PCB finishes offered are:

  • Electroless Nickel
  • Hard Gold
  • Immersion Gold
  • OSP (organic)
  • Silver
  • Tin/Lead (HASL)

PCBs are bare board tested and can have peelable mask applied or carbon if required. Any material can be supplied from FR4 to PTFE with a variety of board thickness and copper weight to your specification.

Also if we are assembling your PCBs for you we will pay your tooling cost (first run only) volume and order value dependant.

All we need to give you a competitive cost is your gerber file and specification. Prototype batches can normally be supplied within 7 days at no extra cost. (Single sided and PTH only).