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PCB assembly services from FCA

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Many PCBs are not suitable for surface mount assembly or have component supply issues in SMT. Therefore conventional leaded PCB assembly is still relevant, hence First Choice Assembly have a facility for this type of PCB assembly.
At FCA we have a team of highly skilled PCB assembly operatives with many years of assembly experience between them. This team are responsible for any hand soldering using flip jigs as well as the component insertion and cropping of parts before flow soldering using Cropmatics PCB assembly equipment.

Some PCBs use both surface mount and conventional components (a hybrid) we are experienced in the glueing of SMT parts to PCBs and our flow soldering machine has a dual wave soldering all component leads at the same time.

FCA can conformally coat any PCB assembly by dipping or spraying. Masking off as required any components that do not require coating. All the solders we use are specified as “No Clean” however we can offer cleaning of PCB assemblies using our Aqueous cleaner if required.
Hand PCB assembly services from FCA